Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In just 9 more days (give or take) we'll get to meet our baby girl, Sinclair Mae! Our bags are packed and the nursery is decorated, but I don't think we'll ever be fully prepared for parenthood. Wish us luck!

Here are some pictures I've been meaning to share with family and friends. The first set are professional pictures taken by the talented Brandi Hunsicker.

Copyright Brandi Hunsicker

And here are some other photos...

Sinclair at 8 weeks. Of course then we didn't know if she was gonna be a Sinclair or a Grayson.

Sinclair during my 2nd trimester. They grow up so quick.

These are my besties at one of my baby showers. We decorated Days of the Week onesies.

We got a ton of clothes and shoes donated by friends and family.

This is our dryer lint after washing her clothes.


  1. BAH!
    mama, you look GORGEOUS.
    those pink cons are adorable!
    so sweet!
    can't wait to meet her either!

    wishing you nothing but the best!

  2. aw, i love that you had pink dryer lint! good luck...whenever she decides to make her arrival!

  3. wow! you blogged! most importantly, you look amazing.
    i can't wait to be a mom, too but you look so beautiful. i love all the pink stuff for sinclair, she's going to be a tough techy girly girl :)

  4. Irene, this is such a cute blog! I LOVE the pics! :)

  5. Diana - thanks! i can't believe i finally got back into blogging this week. it feels good :)

  6. This is sooooo sweet. And what a lovely name! Congrats on your soon-coming baby girl and all the wonder that will surely follow. You look adorable in your pics!

  7. what a great name!!! i love it!!!

  8. Beautiful photos, Irene! I bet the baby room is adorable too. Congratulations!!!! All the best.