Monday, May 25, 2009

D.C. Richmond Trip

Last week I took a trip to D.C. and Richmond to visit with my good friend Monica and her sweet baby boy, Hudson. We had a great time shopping, eating good food and laughing it up. As an added bonus, my other good friend Erin and her darling daughter, Lillie were also in town. Baby bonanza!

In Falls Church we ordered take-out at my favorite vegetarian restaurant, Sunflower, then picked up tasty bubble drinks (avocado, strawberry, lychee) in Eden Center. The donuts reminded me of Homer Simpson.

Lastly, here are some goodies I discovered on Cary Street in Richmond:

Gnome Onesie - World of Mirth
California-themed charm bracelet - vintage shop
(I might keep as is or refashion it)

Pin & Mug - Mongrel


  1. sounds like you had fun!! those are totally homer simpson donuts!

  2. Cool! I want to go to D.C. in Sep for my birthday. Flights are SO cheap right now! :)

  3. really? i need to book a flight to anywhere!